7. Contributor (MA/O)

The institution or person responsible for collecting, managing, distributing, or otherwise contributing to the development of the resource (occurrences: 0-n).

Allowed values, examples, other constraints

Note: DataCite infrastructure supports up to between 8000 - 10000 names. For name lists above that size, consider attribution via linking to the related metadata.


OpenAIRE uses this property to allow unique and persistent identification of the funder who has funded wholly or partly the dataset described. This does not exclude also using this property for additional contributors as defined by DataCite Metadata Schema v3.1.

The property and sub-properties are only mandatory when applicable (MA) for describing funding information. Further use is optional (O).

Please refer to the section Funding information for a complete example of the use of 7. Contributor (MA/O), 7.1 contributorType (MA/O), 7.2 contributorName (MA/O), 7.3 nameIdentifier (MA/O) and 7.3.1 nameIdentifierScheme (MA/O) to provide funding information.

7.1 contributorType (MA/O)

The type of contributor of the resource (occurrences: 1).

Allowed values, examples, other constraints

If 7. Contributor (MA/O) is used, then 7.1 contributorType (MA/O) is mandatory.

Controlled List Values:

  • ContactPerson
  • DataCollector
  • DataCurator
  • DataManager
  • Distributor
  • Editor
  • Funder
  • HostingInstitution
  • Producer
  • ProjectLeader
  • ProjectManager
  • ProjectMember
  • RegistrationAgency
  • RegistrationAuthority
  • RelatedPerson
  • Researcher
  • ResearchGroup
  • RightsHolder
  • Sponsor
  • Supervisor
  • WorkPackageLeader
  • Other

7.2 contributorName (MA/O)

The name of the contributor (occurrences: 1).

Allowed values, examples, other constraints

If 7. Contributor (MA/O) is used, then 7.2 contributorName (MA/O) is mandatory.

Examples: Patel, Emily; Doe, John

The personal name format may be: family, given. Non-roman names should be transliterated according to the ALA-LC schemes.


Applicable only when contributorType is “Funder”:

Name of the funding entity. Example for European Commission funded research use European Commission, or for Wellcome Trust funded research use Wellcome Trust. Specifically do not use the project acronym.

7.3 nameIdentifier (MA/O)

Uniquely identifies an individual or legal entity, according to various schemes (occurrences: 0-1).

Allowed values, examples, other constraints

The format is dependent upon scheme.


Applicable only when contributorType is “Funder”:

An authoritative list of projects is exposed by OpenAIRE through OAI-PMH, and available for all repository managers. Values include the project name and project ID. The projectID equals the Grant Agreement identifier, and is defined by the info:eu-repo namespace term grantAgreement.

The syntax is:



  • Funder refers to the funding organization (e.g., EC for European Commission, WT for Wellcome Trust)
  • FundingProgramme refers to a specific programme (e.g., FP7 for Framework Programme Seven, H2020 for Horizon 2020, HE for Horizon Europe )
  • ProjectID refers to a unique identifier in the scope of the funder (and maybe the programme), e.g. a grant agreement number.
  • Jurisdiction refers to the authority granted to a formally constituted legal body (e.g. EU for European Union)
  • ProjectName contains the full name of the project
  • ProjectAcronym contains the project’s acronym.

For OpenAIRE compatibility, the elements in square brackets are optional. The three-part namespace is mandatory when applicable (info:eu-repo/grantAgreement/Funder/FundingProgram/ProjectID), while the six-parts namespace is recommended.

When omitting fields in the extended version, the number of fields must be preserved by using /. A correct example for omitting the the ProjectName field would therefore look like this: EC/FP7/12345/EU//OpenAIREplus

If any of the field values contains a forward slash (/), it needs to be escaped using URL encoding (%2F). For instance, My/Project would be represented as My%2FProject.

7.3.1 nameIdentifierScheme (MA/O)

The name of the name identifier scheme (occurrences: 1).

Allowed values, examples, other constraints

If 7.3 nameIdentifier (MA/O) is used, 7.3.1 nameIdentifierScheme (MA/O) is mandatory.

Examples:ORCID, ISNI, FundRef.


Applicable only when contributorType is “Funder”:

Controlled List Values:

  • info

7.3.2 schemeURI (O)

The URI of the name identifier scheme (occurrences: 0-1).

Allowed values, examples, other constraints


7.4 affiliation (O)

The organizational or institutional affiliation of the contributor (occurrences: 0-n).

Allowed values, examples, other constraints

Free text.


 <contributor contributorType="Funder">
   <contributorName>European Commission</contributorName>
     <nameIdentifier nameIdentifierScheme="info">